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Photo's of our group get togethers

Each month our group has a get together and we will post each month's group picture here.

February 2006 at Christelle and Raven's

From left to right front : Raven, Tina, Donna, Esmaralda, Robert.

In the back : Jessica, Brett, Lee, Kathleen, Chantelle, Rudelle, Christelle, Sally , Amanda.

May 2006 at Christelle and Raven's

From left to right back: Robert, Angela,  Tina, Alexis, Mike, Rudelle and friend. In front: Christelle, Jessica, Chantelle, Raven and Lady.

June 2006 at Chantelle's

Left to right : Brett, Christelle, Raven, Mike, Alexis, Chantelle, Jess, Tina, Natalie

February 2005 at Christelle and Raven's

Back left to right : Mandy, Amanda, Delien, Jamie, Hantie, Breyten, Lorraine, Natalie, Christelle. Front left to right : Andrel, Wilma, Tina, Raven, Chantelle

March 2005 at Christelle and Raven's

From left to right Tina, Jean-Mari, Lorraine, Raven, Christelle, Chantelle, Peter.

Angela was also there but had to leave before we took the picture.

We had a small turnout but it was fun!

August at Christelle and Raven

From left to right Mandi, Christelle, Natalie, Jean-Mari, Angela, Corne, Jamie, Raven, Tina. Andrel sitting in the chair. Chantelle and Nadine was late and missed the group photo.

September at Natalie's

Back from left to right Christelle, Raven, Vicky, Jamie, Natalie, Faaiza, Andrel, Meagan, Jean-Mari. In front from left to right Chantelle, Tina, Wilna.