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Some Usefull links

Below is a list of links that might be usefull, helpfull, or just plain fun. If you have a link that you think we might be able to use, mail it to us.

Remember, this is a work in progress and we are allways open for suggestions and comments!

Search Engines

 Our search engine of choice

Just In Case is dedicated to the transgendered community in South Africa and all people who wish to understand more about this issue, a friend or loved one. 

This non-commercial website is created and maintained by Enya, a male-to-femal transsexual who started her transition in 2002. 

The Budding Roses

The homepage of The Budding Roses support group. It is a support group for transsexuals, their partners, family, friends and any other people who may need it.

Natasha's Site

Beautiful TS girl from Johannesburg

Favorite Sites


Click here to join TSAfrica
Click to join TSAfrica
A group for transsexual people and those that are in our lives!

Chantelle's World

Our friend, Chantelle's home on the net.

Dr.Chettawut's SRS site

Website of Dr.Chettawut. Famous Thailand SRS surgeon.

Queen Size Shoes

If you are looking for bigger size ladies shoes, this is the place to go in Pretoria

Buddha Net

 For information on Buddhism.

Roses Forum

A forum for TS/TG/CD ( mostly CD ). Talk to others like yourself and you can learn a great deal.

Gender Dynamix

Gender DynamiX is a live and growing website with the aim to provide help, advise and information for those who seek to adjust their lifes to live in the opposite gender role, as to that assigned to them at birth, or who are working to come to terms with their situation despite their genetic background.

Fiona's Site

A nice collection of TS/TV people and sites from all over the world!. Worth a look!