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Here is some pictures of Christelle and Raven and the people and places in our lives.


Christelle and Raven

Christelle & Raven in Bangkok

Raven's Mom ,Dad and her sister ... Vicki

Raven's parents , Gary & Pat

Raven's daughter, Wendi and grandaughter, Jeana

Raven's Dad with Jeana

Christelle and Raven at Gold Reef City theme park

Raven trying to kiss a camel at the Johannesburg Zoo

Raven's porcelain doll, Amber

Christelle at the bowling alley

Raven's daughter Wendi, getting married.

Wendi, Brian and Jeana !

Raven and our four dogs!

Christelle and Raven and our kids!

Boots! The newest addition to our family!

Cally, sister of Boots, is full of energy!

Raven in action at the bowling alley

Caesar and his favourite passtime .... in the pool

Our beautifull grand daughter .. Jeana

Raven's youngest daughter, April , and Ricky