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Welcome To Christelle and Raven's Home Page

This is Christelle and Raven's home page. We will be covering several things, including latest news and happenings in our lives, photo's, random thoughts, and special highlights. We are also covering the issue of transsexualism, so be warned. If you want to share some thoughts or ideas with us, or have some questions about anything, please feel free to drop us a line.

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This Site was last updated on 30 May 2008

Raven and Christelle

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Welcome to our site

Welcome to 2008!

We updated our movie page and added some new photos. Over the next week or so we will do more updates to our photo section.

After several people asked me why dont I keep a blog, I decided to start a blog. You will see the "My Blog" section on the left hand menu. Read it and please feel free to leave comments.

Christelle added a new page called " Christelle's story". Check it out!

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